How to select the drinking water safe?

Currently, more and more families use bottled water, mineral water … without understanding how their impact on health. If you choose unsafe water, not only do not work but also harmful to health.

Pure water

Spring water is the term commonly used for bottled natural beverages. Purified water is filtered water, water that has been disinfected industrially or boiled at home.

We need to distinguish bottled water from pure water or mineral water. Pure water is a common water that is recommended daily for everyone, with or without pathology. When it comes to the recommended water requirement for a person in a day, it is considered pure water.

Mineral water

Drinks containing minerals such as sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium … Mineral water due to mineral substances should be used in time, the right object, not used indiscriminately. Natural mineral water often has not too high mineral levels, so adults with good kidney function can use it. Mineral water is recommended for use in sports or outdoor work that loses sweat and diarrhea to compensate mineral ions lost through sweating and stools within a short period of several hours. dehydration, then pure water should be used to replenish the body. It is not recommended for normal people to use mineral water as often as they do, although if the kidneys work well, excess minerals are excreted. People with kidney disease function poorly also should not drink mineral water because the excess minerals accumulate in the body and disturb the heart rhythm, hypertension, edema …

For children, pure mineral water should only be used to make formula and daily intake of the baby, as the kidneys of young children are weak and the kidneys should not be used for further work. excess minerals out. Mineral water should only be used when children with diarrhea or vomiting loss of minerals need to be added.

In addition, too many zinc minerals such as zinc can also cause acute zinc poisoning with epigastric pain, dizziness and vomiting. Fluoride is an important mineral that is involved in the development of teeth, dentin and enamel, and helps enamel harden. But improper use of fluoride can lead to fluoride poisoning

At present, there are many establishments producing and trading bottled water. But mainly production facilities are small and medium, technology has not been adequately invested, production areas do not guarantee environmental sanitation … In 2009, the actual inspection showed that 27, 9% of facilities do not guarantee production conditions, 24.9% of water quality is not guaranteed, high pH, microorganisms such as Coliforms, Preudomons, aeruginosa very dangerous can cause late pits, causing pneumonia, respiratory tract infections, weakened immune system … So each family should boil, purify the water with the Pasteur filter with the gypsum plasterboard is the best. If using bottled water should choose reputable manufacturers to ensure health.

BS. Huy An

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