How to cook mixed vegetable jelly

How to make home-made jasmine jelly is very simple, just from the package of mixed vegetables you bought outside and spent some time that you were able to treat yourself and your family crispy crispy jelly . Let’s go and learn how to cook cooked jelly with this one

Ingredients for ready-mixed jelly:

– Ginger powder (also known as AGAR powder): 10g small package, also for large package 25g

– sugar: 200g (if you want to eat lighter can reduce the amount of sugar)

– Fresh coconut water: 1 liter (no cold water, if using coconut milk will be more delicious and coffee)

How to cook cooked jelly:

Step 1:

– Put the coconut water into the pot, boil the fire to boiling. While waiting for the coconut to boil, mix the sugar with the Agar powder for a while.

Step 2:

– When the coconut water boils, immediately reduce the small fire (for not foam, loss of taste). Use a chopstick to rotate one way, then sprinkle each little bit of Agar powder mixed with sugar (this way to avoid the powder lumps), the water is still spinning, sprinkling until the powder, spit, to fire for about 5 minutes Then lifted down and poured into the mold.

Step 3:

– Want to make green, red, yellow, brown, white for vegetables … you can use the red of gac, yellow of citrus, blue of pineapple leaves, brown of coffee (at the beginning 1 cup of coffee), white coconut … mixed and mixed in water cooked with the fish. These natural colors are very safe for health.


You can also cut the fruit into the vegetables to create the most delicious and attractive!

When spilling vegetables, want to make more colors and let the layers stick together without being mixed up, then wait for the first layer to freeze and then continue to pour the next layer.